Nicole & Nicholas’s Summertime Cincinnati Wedding!

Have you ever noticed how many couples have similar names?  Names that start with the same first letter, that rhyme or are just simply the masculine/feminine version of their partner?  There’s actual science behind this called “The Name Letter Effect” and was discovered in 1985 by a Belgian psychologist.  Here’s a link if you’re interested:

Whether Nicole an Nicholas had a subconscious attraction due to their similar names or not, we are happy they found each other and were even happier that they let us be a part of their love story!

Hair & Makeup byWhitley & Allie

Photo Credit: Images by Daniel Michael

Venue: The Phoenix


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Beverly & Martin’s Krippendorf Lodge Wedding!


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Eleven 11 Photography

Choosing to have an outdoor wedding really sets the tone for the day and event.    Whether a couple goes with an intimate, backyard ceremony or a venue as lovely and time- honored as the Krippendorf Lodge at The Cincinnati Nature Center, they are guaranteed to have a glorious back drop, thanks to Mother Nature!  

Beverly & Martin’s wedding was nothing short of stunning locations for the ceremony, reception and photos.  Eleven 11 Photography not only did a beautiful job of capturing so many sweet, emotional moments of this wedding, but they showed off the grandeur of this beautiful venue.  Christy & Josh, owners of Eleven 11 Photography for the past 7 years, have been a couple for over 11!  Their work work shows their professional and personal history and we were so excited to be able to share this wedding with our readers!

Hair & Makeup by Angie & Melinda

Venue: Krippendorf Lodge

Photo Credit: Eleven 11 Photography