Subtle Glo Spray Tanning

subtle glo

Individual Tan: $45

Rapid Tan: $45

Trial Tan: $45


Bridal Packages:

Package price for 4 tans: $35, ( rapid: $40) Bride tans for free!

Package price for 5 or more tans: $30 (rapid: $35) Bride tans for free!

Add On Services:

Fresh Cut Pineapple, Orange Ginger:  $3

DHA Booster: $3 (intensifies darkness of tan)

Bronzer or Opalescent Drops: $3 (adds shimmer or sheen to tan)

Anti Aging or Skin Firming: $10 (cutting edge formulas that tones and tightens skin)

This additive will attack cellulite where applied.  Anti Aging Formula tightens wrinkles, giving a beautiful, youthful look to skin


No travel fee if within 30 miles of Denver (80202) 4 service minimum required if outside

of travel range.


For more information, please contact Sienna at 303-525-0985 or or visit


So why sunless tanning? If you love the sun, sunless tanning is important for many reasons.  Your risk of skin cancer associated with the traditional bed tanning and sunbathing is decreased.  Sunless tanning indulges your skin in antioxidants, hydration and bronzing goodness.  Skin looks absolutely beautiful and healthy when it has a beautiful golden color.
What is sunless tanning? Sunless Tanning is a specially formulated solution that is misted over the body through an airbrush system. Over a matter of hours, the natural ingredients work with your skin’s amino acids to produce a natural and safe pigment. As with a suntan, the pigment is temporary.
There are numerous companies that offer spray tanning in booths. What I
found with booths is the absence of a personal connection that clients enjoy.
Having a professional tanning specialist answer questions and offer guidance on the best product is a great way to achieve a natural, sun kissed glow! 
Through lots of research I found a company that I love and every single time I
spray tan a client with their wide range of solutions, they come out with a beautiful
tan!  Whether it’s a “Subtle Glo” or looking like you just came back from a
trip to Bahamas, my clients never look orange or fake!
Benefits of spray tanning:
●Immediate color that you are able to choose and customize from a wide range of sunless shades
● Decrease your risk of sun damage and skin cancer

● Year – round color
● Indulge in nutrient rich product to enhance your skin

Subtle Glo’s Sunless Product is:

● Gluten Free
● Paraben free
● Erythrulose free
● PETA approved
● Naturally derived from sugar cane and sugar beets
● 100% Vegan
● Aloe
● Vitamin A, C, E

I would love to connect with you and have Subtle Glo help you get your “GLO” on!!  You can find more information on my website!