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What forms of payment do you take? 

  • We accept cash and credit and Venmo.  Cash is ALWAYS greatly appreciated!  A 2.75% processing fee will be added to all credit card transactions.  No personal checks, please.


Can everyone pay separately?

  • Although we are able to accommodate individual payments, we find that collecting the final total as one payment streamlines the process.  You will receive a final notice with the remaining balance 2 weeks before the wedding so that you and your bridal party know what to expect.  We are happy to accept payment through any of the above listed options.


Are gratuities included in your prices?

  • No, we do not include gratuities in our prices.  Prices reflect only the cost of the service.


If I choose airbrush makeup, does everyone else have to use it as well?

  • No!  Many times we have bridal party members choose standard makeup and change their mind last minute once they see how flawless the airbrush makeup is!


How do I know if airbrush or standard foundation is best?

  • Scheduling a trial is the best option to see which foundation is optimal for your specific skin type, as well as overall desired look.  We understand that not everyone is able to schedule a trial.  The makeup artist you work with can consult and  make suggestions the day of the wedding to anyone receiving makeup.  Also, this is a great website breaking down the two: https://www.loveandlavender.com/airbrush-makeup-vs-traditional-makeup/


When should I schedule my trial?

  • We are fairly flexible with getting trials scheduled.  If you have a special event or a dress fitting, those are great days to have your hair and makeup done. Please keep in mind that weekend trials during peak wedding season (5/1-10/30) although not impossible, can be challenging.   Whenever you are ready to get your trial set up, just take a look at your calendar and send us as many time and date options that work for you.


Where are trial runs held?

  • If you are located in Denver, trials can be set up at your stylist or makeup artist’s salon or our studio located in the Arts District located at 821 Santa Fe Dr.   We try to accommodate all of our brides with the most convenient location, as we have stylists in various locations in both cities.  If you are in Cincinnati, your trial will either be held at your stylist’s salon or potentially at your home, as we work on finding a new studio space.


How much are trials?

  • Trial runs cost the same as wedding day services.  If you are on a budget that doesn’t accommodate a trial, we can easily add an extra 15 minutes the day of your wedding for a consultation and to make adjustments. There is a 20% reservation fee due upon booking your trial.  This helps discourage no shows and last minute cancellationsThis amount is applied towards the trial.


What if I am unhappy with my trial?

  • A successful trial run is contingent upon you and your feedback!  If there is any part of your hair or makeup that you’re unhappy with, DO NOT be afraid to convey this to your stylist.  We aren’t offended, nor are we mind readers!  Make sure that your stylist knows what you love and don’t love and makes the adjustments that are necessary before you leave.  We realize that it may be hard to choose between a hairstyle or makeup look and that a 2nd trial may be needed for you to decide which you prefer.  If you decide to move forward with booking a 2nd trial to try additional looks, the full price will apply.  If you leave your trial and realize you’re not totally happy with your hair or makeup, then setting up a 2nd trial to make adjustments can be arranged; fees will apply.


Can I schedule a trial without a contract?

  • Absolutely!  We understand that meeting the stylist(s) you will be working with on your wedding day is extremely important.  We are happy to schedule a trial before you commit to a contract.  


What do I need to provide in regards to hair/makeup?

  • R & R provides everything as far as hair styling products and makeup is concerned.  The only thing we suggest you get is a lip color for touch ups throughout the day.  You may also want to purchase travel size hairspray for fly-away’s that may happen after we leave.


Extensions/Hair Cut/Color/Etc…

  • Keep in mind when you are searching for photos that many stylists/models use extensions, hair padding or sponge buns to create styles.  Finding a style that is realistic and that is achievable is important.  We are happy to work with additional pieces to create your desired style, but we don’t often have these pieces on hand.  We may need to order additional styling pieces before your trial or reschedule a trial due to this.  If you are uncertain about the style(s) you’ve chosen before the trial, you are more than welcome to send photos beforehand and we can guide you in the right direction of what may be needed.  Lastly, keep in mind the models in your inspiration photos that have a similar cut/color are important.  Hairstyles that look great on blonde or highlighted hair don’t translate on brunette hair.  Hairstyles with cascading curls and face framing are hard to achieve on hair that is one length.


Can you install clip-in extensions?

  • Yes!  We are happy to place clip-in extensions for anyone in the bridal party.  These are supplied by bridal party members.  There is a $20 placement fee.


Are there additional hair or makeup fees?

  • Excessively long or thick hair may be charged up to an additional $20 based on the stylist’s discretion.  For example: hair longer than shoulder blades/bra strap or a ponytail holder that only wraps around twice.  Excessive makeup application, including dramatic highlight/contouring or bruising/scarring/acne coverage may be charged up to an additional $20 fee based on artist’s discretion.  A consultation between the artist and paying party to agree upon price will be conducted before beginning service.  There will also be fees incurred if the wedding party is not punctual for the confirmed and agreed upon start time.  This fee is $15 per stylist for every 1-15 minutes that the wedding party is late. 


What kind of makeup is used?

  • Each of our makeup artists use their preferred brands of makeup.  If you or anyone in your bridal party has skin allergies or sensitivities, please let us know.  We are happy to use personal products if necessary to avoid any skin irritations.

Can we provide our own false lashes?

  • As professionals, we prefer to use the lashes we have in our kit, as we can choose ones that best fit your eye shape, as well as the makeup look you’ve chosen.  If anyone in your wedding party insists we apply ones they have provided, we are happy to accommodate them, as long as they are clean and have never been worn.  There is a $10 lash application fee. 


How many stylists will be assigned for my bridal party?

  • The number of stylists is contingent upon the number of services booked and the time frame we have to take care of everyone.  We schedule up to 45 minutes per service.  An average window for getting everyone ready is up to 5.5 hours.  We do our best to accommodate all party sizes and will schedule as many stylists necessary in the time frame we have been allotted. 


When do assistant fees apply?

  • Assistant fees apply when multiple stylists are needed or requested, but there are less than 5-7 services per stylist.  Fees vary and will be quoted via email before contracts are finalized.


When do travel fees apply?

  • We happily travel to weddings 20 miles within the zip codes of 80202 (Denver) or 45236 (Cincinnati) for no additional fees.  Weddings booked outside of that radius will have a travel fee based at $.85 a mile  Travel are fees if you would like to switch locations for hair & makeup.


Is the pricing the same for the bride as well as the bridal party?

  • Absolutely!  We book the same amount of time for the bride as well as the bridal party and don’t see the fairness in charging our brides extra.  


Is your team comfortable working with all skin colors and hair textures?

  • Yes!  We welcome diversity as well as working with different skin tones and hair texture!  If anyone in your bridal party has concerns with an artist being able to match skin tone or to achieve a specific style with hair or makeup, please let us know!  We are usually able to address any issues via email with selfies and inspiration photos.  


What happens if my stylist has a last minute emergency and isn’t available the day of my wedding?

  • This is a VERY rare occurrence and should it happen we will make sure that you and your bridal party are taken care of with a new stylist/makeup artist.  Notes are taken during your trial and will be shared with the replacement stylist so that your hair and makeup are recreated as similar as possible.  


How long will my hair/makeup last?

  • Airbrush makeup will last anywhere from 12-20 hours, depending on weather and how much crying or sweating is done!  Standard foundation should last as long as the airbrush, although may not wear quite as well later in the day.

The only hairstyles we guarantee to last through the day are up-do’s.  While half up styles are beautiful, they generally don’t last as well.  Factors such as weather, dancing and hair type do play a part in how well your curls will last.  Please keep this in mind when choosing your style and how you want it to look 3 hours, 6 hours or 10 hours after we leave.


How do I book R & R for my wedding day?

  • The only thing we need to secure your date is a completed contract.  There is no reservation fee required immediately.  90 days before the wedding date a 20% reservation fee of all contracted services is required to keep the date secure.  This is non-refundable and goes towards the wedding day services.  If services are canceled within the 90 day period, the paid reservation fee does not apply to the remaining balance.  The reservation fee can be paid by credit card invoice at a 2.75% processing fee, check, Paypal or Venmo.  Please note that if paying the fee by check, we do NOT accept checks the day of the wedding.  The remaining balance is paid to your artist(s) the day of the wedding. 

Can we add or cancel services on the contract? 

  • Services on the contract can be added or subtracted up to 90 days before the wedding date.  Services canceled after 90 days before the wedding will be charged the remaining balance.  At the 90 day mark, ideally, we like to have the final service count, but do our best to accommodate last minute additions. 


What is your cancellation policy?

  • You have 90 days before the wedding date to cancel services without any penalty.  Should anyone need to cancel services within 90 days of the wedding date, there will be a 100%  cancellation fee per service.   

 Do you have a minimum number of services required?

  • During “peak” season we require at least 5 (adult) services (per stylist) to be booked for local weddings (within 20 miles of 80202 or 45236).  Peak season is considered May 1st – October 31st. If you are outside of our 20 mile travel radius, we require a minimum of 7 (adult) services (per stylist) to be booked or the travel fee will be adjusted accordingly based on the number of services booked. Services can be hair only, makeup only or any combination of hair and makeup if we have a stylist available that can perform both.  During our off season, (11/1-4/30) there is a 4 service (per stylist) minimum requirement to send a stylist on location to local locations and 7 for out of radius locations.  If you would like to only book one service, we are happy to take care of you!  Please see our Elopement Package for information and pricing.


I’m eloping; Am I still able to book you?

  • Yes!  We love elopements and would be happy to take care of you!    Please see our menu for pricing.


What is the price for junior bridesmaids?

  • Junior Bridesmaids (7-13) are $60  for a formal style and $60 standard makeup.  Please note that anyone with excessively long or thick hair will be charged accordingly.  Consultation and prices will be discussed with the paying party before moving forward on pricing.


What if I would like to treat my flower girl to makeup?

  • We are happy to help make the little girls feel special like the big girls!  Flower girl hair pricing starts at $20 and is subject to additional fees based on thickness and length of hair.  If you ask your makeup artist, they will happily put some blush and lip gloss on complimentary.


Are there fees for early start times?

  • We consider 7:00 a.m. a traditional start time.  If travel time or services begin before 7:00 a.m. there is a $30 fee per stylist for every half hour before 7:00 a.m., otherwise, overnight lodging will need to be provided.  This is based on the 80202 or 45202 zip codes.  


When is the final timeline & count for services due?

  • Ideally 90 days before the wedding date, when the deposit is due, we like to have this information solidified.  We also understand that sometimes there are last minute add on’s and do our best to accommodate them.  This is contingent upon 2 things: the flexibility to adjust the timeline or if we have additional artists available.  Also at this time, we like to have a firm grasp on the start and end time as well.  Again, we do our best to accommodate last minute adjustments, as long as they are within a reasonable time frame.

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