Megan Simpson Photo

Sarah’s Labor Day Evergreen Colorado Wedding!

Sarah’s wedding over Labor Day last year was nothing short of personality!  Staying true to who they are as a couple and creating unforgettable moments shone through throughout their day!  The Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park couldn’t have been the more perfect for this Colorado country wedding!  Sarah called on us to do hair for her bridal party and herself and we love how her style was country, romantic and modern simultaneously!

Hair by Megan for Rollers & Rouge

Photo Credit: Megan Simpson Photo

Venue: The Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park

Amellia Got Married!

Colorado is an amazing, beautiful state!  We have desert, mountains, waterfalls and all 4 seasons.  Sometimes, we have all 4 seasons in one day…like Amellia’s wedding day!  There were beautiful sunny moments, there was a little rain, some fog and even snow!  Amellia’s amazing positive energy wasn’t phased and she and Andrew had the most spectacular day!

Hair & Makeup by Natalie for Rollers & Rouge

Photo Credit: Where Ally Goes

Venue: The Lodge at Breckenridge


Allison Got Married!

Allison & Curtis got married at one of our favorite Denver venues, The Manor House.  Their neutral color palette set against the classic white interior for their reception and the foothills during their ceremony was nothing short of classic and elegant!


Hair & Makeup by Natalie & Aubrey for Rollers & Rouge


Photo Credit: Chris McLaughlin Photography


Venue: The Manor House


Tara Got Married!

Tara & Eric’s outdoor wedding in Florissant, Co was full of champagne popping, confetti blasting, booty shaking fun!  A little cold can’t hold back a good time!

Hair & Makeup by Natalie & Frankie for Rollers & Rouge

Photo Credit: Autumn Parry Photography

Planning: Marea, Dream Catcher Weddings

Venue: TishreeD Lodge

Trina Got Married!

Trina and Jared were set up by his parents!  Trina, a member of the same church as Jared’s parents and thought they’d be a great match.  Obviously, they knew what they were talking about.  Sticking with their fundamental values, Trina and Jared got married in the church and performed a traditional foot washing ceremony during their wedding.

Hair & Makeup by Natalie for Rollers & Rouge

Venue: Arvada Covenant Church

Photo Credit: Stephanie Kaslly Photography

Alicia Got Married!

Braving the winter in Colorado for an outdoor wedding is a bold move!  But when the mountains are covered and snow and you have a horse drawn carriage with blankets for you and your guests, leather jackets for the bridal party , bold is the way to go!


Hair & Makeup by Natalie & Frankie for Rollers & Rouge


Photography: From the Hip Photo


Kacie Got Married!

Kacie and Michael came from Texas to have their wedding among the sandstone rocks of Garden of the Gods!  Obviously, we are a little partial to Colorado, but we definitely think they made the right decision!


Hair & Makeup by Megan & Shannon for Rollers & Rouge

Photo Credit:  Opal Onyx Photography

Venue: Garden of the Gods Collection