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Sara Got Married!

Sara contacted Rollers & Rouge looking for on-location makeup for her Denver wedding last July.  We understand that some brides like to use their own stylist, or even another company for hair or makeup.  We are happy to offer only hair styling or makeup application services, although working with one company for both definitely has it’s benefits.  

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Sara asked Annie for a natural makeup look.  She wanted to keep it simple and effortless and to compliment the vibe of her summer wedding! Keeping in mind the weather and possible effects from heat, she wanted something that was going to last all day, but not look cakey.


As you can see by the photos below, captured by the talented Kristen Vance for Yellow Paddle Photography, Sara and her bridal party’s makeup looked flawless throughout the entire day!

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Michelle Got Married!

The biggest compliment we can receive is referrals from our previous brides!  Michelle got in touch with us after she had been to a friend’s wedding who had used R &R for her hair and makeup.  When we have referrals from previous weddings, we do our very best to use the same makeup artist or hairstylist.  Michelle had decided to use her regular hairstylist for her wedding day and only needed makeup.  Luckily, Angie, the makeup artist for the bride that referred Michelle to us was available! 

Michelle had her ceremony and reception at The Oasis Golf Course and Convention Center in Loveland, Ohio.  The sprawling golf course makes for a beautiful background for any event and photos.  Rick from Barge Photography did a wonderful job showing off the venue, as well as capturing so many special moments of Michelle’s wedding.  The reception photos speak for themselves!

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Gillian Got Married!

We were so excited when Gillian reached out to us to be a part of her wedding day!  We love what we do and seeing each of bride’s vision come to life for their dream day is just as fun for us!  When we found out Gillian was having 2 traditional ceremonies, we were twice as excited!  Without a bridal party for the traditional Indian ceremony and having only her sister stand next to her during her traditional American ceremony, hair and makeup was kept simple and classic for the sisters.  We would like to thank Kate Merrill Photography for sharing these gorgeous photos!  

Hair & Makeup by Breanna



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Hallie Got Married!

Rollers & Rouge has officially begun our 2nd year working in Colorado!  It’s amazing how fast the time has gone and how much we’ve grown!  We couldn’t have had this amazing success without a fabulous team and our amazing brides!  Last year around this time I got a call from a Kentucky area code on a Sunday evening.  I had spent the day snowboarding and was exhausted, but decided to take the call since I was from Kentucky and was expecting a family member or old friend on the other end.  Hallie and her fiance’ both love the snow and mountains as much as I do and we connected instantly.  I couldn’t have been more excited to be a part of her Keystone Wedding!  After 6 grueling months of waiting for photos, I was finally able to get my hands on these gorgeous shots!  Photo credit goes to the amazingly talented Cassie Madden!

Heather Got Married!

Weddings are uncharted territory for most brides.  “What happens during the getting ready process?  What can I expect? What do we need to be ready for hair and makeup?”  Those are just a few of the basic questions we get and these photos from Images by Daniel Michael really put into pictures what you can expect on the morning of your wedding.  Just sit back, relax and let us take care of you and your best friends!



CHARCOAL: It isn’t just for grilling!

Skin care trends come and go and while face masks are definitely a trend in full swing, I believe they’re here to stay. You’ve seen them on Instagram and all over Facebook—crazy people peeling their faces off for the sake of skin “care.” But there’s a new mask in town and it’s blowing those other guys out of the water. Forbes even recognizes that this new Deep Cleansing Charcoal Mask sensation is worth talking about, and the one I’m here to share with you is the most affordable on their list. In case you don’t know its benefits, let me catch you up on all activated charcoal does for skin:

  • binds with environmental toxins and dirt that contribute to acne
  • draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin, helping you to achieve a flawless complexion and fight blemishes such as whiteheads and blackheads
  • adsorb (pulls out, rather than absorbs in) thousands of times its own mass in harmful substances, which makes it a popular ingredient in facial masks

In addition to the Activated Charcoal, this mask also contains four other key ingredients that make it stand out from the crowd:

  • Kaolin and Bentonite Clays, which instantly absorb excess oil and reduces shine
  • Honeysuckle and Navy Bean Extracts, shown to target the appearance of skin discoloration such as redness, dark/age spots, and scarring

See the pictures below and check out the results for yourself:

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Mary Kay’s Deep Cleansing Charcoal Mask is breaking records and changing skin for the better. Get yours HERE for only $24!

It’s Your Wedding Morning…Now What?

You’ve planned and perfected all year (maybe more, maybe less). You’ve triple checked every detail and the timeline is nailed down to the nanosecond. You got an incredible 5 hours of broken sleep; you’re just waiting for your bff’s and beauty team to show up. Now what??? Get the coffee brewing, the champagne chilled and just enjoy the day. Easier said than done, right?

There’s not a lot of blog posts or expert advice on what to expect the morning of your wedding, so we are here to shed some light and take some of the surprise factor out for you!

It’s inevitable, no matter how early you go to bed or how late you get to sleep in, you’re not going to get as much sleep as you hoped. Luckily, the excitement and adrenaline usually take over and you will power through! A lot of our brides tend to imbibe the night before at the rehersal dinner and we say go for it! It is your party, after all! Make sure to drink a lot of water, too! Staying hydrated will do your body and energy level a world of good. Plus, even with amazing professional makeup, dehydrated skin never looks pretty.

You’ve made a timeline for every event & vendor arrival, basically everything except for potty breaks, right? You’ve been debating making one for your hair & makeup team…what should you do? Consult your vendors. R & R aren’t huge fans of timelines for a couple of reasons. If your bridal party is going to be hanging out, then making a timeline is a waste of energy as they should be ready to go when we say “NEXT”. If you have girls that can’t hang out all day, then giving them a general time of when to show up is a must! Hair and makeup time slots run in 30-45 minute increments and never exactly on time, so, if we are running a little bit behind and not exactly on the schedule, it just adds to the stress. You can guarantee that we will be done by your final end time and that’s all that matters.

Make sure you factor in lunch! It’s going to be a long day and waiting until the reception to eat isn’t the best idea. We’ve worked so many weddings where the bride has ordered sandwich trays for the day and they are so convenient, as you can grab a sandwich whenever is convenient and even wrap them up to take in the limo/party bus.

This blog is getting a bit long and I don’t want to bore you, so, I’ll wrap it up! NEVER EVER doubt that things will get hectic. The morning is going smoothly, hair & makeup is ahead of schedule and everyone is relaxed…what happens next is inevitable! It’s the last hour and it’s time to get dressed, pack things up and get out the door. You have all morning to hang out with your friends and you put off doing the little last minute things. DO NOT DO THIS! Haven’t written your vows yet? Still have to do table numbers or programs? If you haven’t done this prior to your wedding day, DO NOT WAIT UNTIL 2 HOURS BEFORE YOU HAVE TO WALK OUT THE DOOR! Factor in time to get into your dress, putting your veil on and travel time to your next location. These last minor details can really determine whether you end up stressed or not. If you have a good photographer and beauty team, they’ve factored in cushion time as well, so all should fall into place.

Now, go get married and enjoy the fruits of your labor and live happily ever after!

Colorado, Here We Come!!

R & R is so excited to announce that we are expanding our little business to lovely Colorado!  We are currently taking bookings for weddings weddings occuring June 25th and later in Denver and surrounding areas.

Does this mean that we are abandoning our Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky home?  NO WAY!  We have such a great team of beauty experts; we are delighted to be able to continue our mission where we began.


We would just like to say “THANK YOU” so much to all of our past brides and everyone who has supported Rollers & Rouge along this journey!  This dream wouldn’t be a realization without everyone we’ve encountered in the last 4 years of our journey.  We look forward to meeting so many wonderful brides, vendors and supporters as we continue to grow!


Flag_of_Colorado.svg oh_fi



Guess What??!!

We are pleased to let all of our lovely, future brides know that R & R will not be doing a price increase for 2016!

We are sticking by our pledge that all brides should be able to afford to feel beautiful on their wedding day.  It makes us so happy to be able to bring affordable beauty to so many of you.  The thought of losing a bride because she can’t afford the glamour and treatment she deserves on such a special day makes us sad.  😦   So, check out our menu of services and prices and enjoy the same prices that we’ve had since 2014!

The small change that we will be making is that all credit cards that we process will incur a processing fee.  Rollers & Rouge uses the Square Register to process all of our credit cards.  Their fee is 2.75% per transaction.

Want to avoid this fee?  We gladly accept cash, money orders and certified checks.