Sara Got Married!

Sara’s wedding was everything you would expect from a summer wedding!  With bright, pops of color and clean, classic hair and makeup that would hold up in heat, wind or rain during her outdoor ceremony, this bride’s vision of an outdoor wedding fell perfectly into place!

Bridal Party Champagne ToastColorado Summer Bridal Party

If you’re reading this blog, you’re most likely in the stages of wedding planning.  And as you most likely know by now, the morning of your wedding begins with lots of beauty prep!

From baking (your skin, not brownies) to roller sets, the beauty team you choose to work with helps set the tone of your morning.  Sarah chose to use Rollers & Rouge for her makeup needs and her own hairstylist for her wedding hair.  If you are vibing with a company for one service, make sure they are okay with you using a different stylist, if you prefer to.  Any solid artist should be able to work as a team, whether is their first meeting or they’ve worked together 87 times!

Bride Makeup ApplicationColorado Summer Bride

Because after the finishing touches have been applied and your beauty team has left, the most important thing you’ll see next, is your future husbands face, when he sees you for the first time!

Groomsmen Ceremony

And when you get your photos back and see how well your hair and makeup lasted throughout the night, you’ll know it was money well spent!

Father Daughter Dance

Makeup by Annie 

Photo Credit: Kristen Vance Photo