It’s “Trial Season”

It seems that “engagement season” has come and gone and we are in the midst of “contract” and “trial” season.  This is a crucial and stressful time when planning your wedding.  Finding vendors that you love, within your budget AND with your date available can prove to be a challenge.

Although, I can’t tell you what you need to be prepared for your cake tasting,or any other major wedding decisions, I can break down what you need for a successful trial!

It may have not crossed your mind, but where white, or a version of it.  Having a background similar to the color of your wedding dress will help you determine if the makeup you chose and lip color compliment it.

Better yet, try to set your trial the day you have a dress fitting.  Seeing your hair and makeup with your dress will really give you a really great vision of the overall look.

Show up with day old dirty hair.  Gross, right?  Not really!  Hair with a little texture and grit is really great for holding a formal style.  Worried that your hair gets too oily?  The trial is a great day to see if you get too oily for day old hair and if you need to wash the morning of your wedding.

Bring photos for inspiration!  This is a given and I’m not going to over explain it.  Also, show up with a few photos of how  you are used to wearing your makeup on a daily basis.  When we meet you with a clean face, it’s really hard to imagine what you’re used to looking like daily.

Bring your accessories!  Hair combs, your veil, earrings are all great to have during the trial.  This way you can see how everything falls into place.  Earrings hidden by your hair or is your comb too big or small for the overall look?  It’s good to find out these things while you still have time to make adjustments.

The best thing about a trial is that it’s a TRIAL!  Don’t be afraid to tell us what you like, don’t like and what needs to be adjusted.  Our biggest goal is making you look and feel beautiful!  Communication is key in any relationship!  🙂