It’s Your Wedding Morning…Now What?

You’ve planned and perfected all year (maybe more, maybe less). You’ve triple checked every detail and the timeline is nailed down to the nanosecond. You got an incredible 5 hours of broken sleep; you’re just waiting for your bff’s and beauty team to show up. Now what??? Get the coffee brewing, the champagne chilled and just enjoy the day. Easier said than done, right?

There’s not a lot of blog posts or expert advice on what to expect the morning of your wedding, so we are here to shed some light and take some of the surprise factor out for you!

It’s inevitable, no matter how early you go to bed or how late you get to sleep in, you’re not going to get as much sleep as you hoped. Luckily, the excitement and adrenaline usually take over and you will power through! A lot of our brides tend to imbibe the night before at the rehersal dinner and we say go for it! It is your party, after all! Make sure to drink a lot of water, too! Staying hydrated will do your body and energy level a world of good. Plus, even with amazing professional makeup, dehydrated skin never looks pretty.

You’ve made a timeline for every event & vendor arrival, basically everything except for potty breaks, right? You’ve been debating making one for your hair & makeup team…what should you do? Consult your vendors. R & R aren’t huge fans of timelines for a couple of reasons. If your bridal party is going to be hanging out, then making a timeline is a waste of energy as they should be ready to go when we say “NEXT”. If you have girls that can’t hang out all day, then giving them a general time of when to show up is a must! Hair and makeup time slots run in 30-45 minute increments and never exactly on time, so, if we are running a little bit behind and not exactly on the schedule, it just adds to the stress. You can guarantee that we will be done by your final end time and that’s all that matters.

Make sure you factor in lunch! It’s going to be a long day and waiting until the reception to eat isn’t the best idea. We’ve worked so many weddings where the bride has ordered sandwich trays for the day and they are so convenient, as you can grab a sandwich whenever is convenient and even wrap them up to take in the limo/party bus.

This blog is getting a bit long and I don’t want to bore you, so, I’ll wrap it up! NEVER EVER doubt that things will get hectic. The morning is going smoothly, hair & makeup is ahead of schedule and everyone is relaxed…what happens next is inevitable! It’s the last hour and it’s time to get dressed, pack things up and get out the door. You have all morning to hang out with your friends and you put off doing the little last minute things. DO NOT DO THIS! Haven’t written your vows yet? Still have to do table numbers or programs? If you haven’t done this prior to your wedding day, DO NOT WAIT UNTIL 2 HOURS BEFORE YOU HAVE TO WALK OUT THE DOOR! Factor in time to get into your dress, putting your veil on and travel time to your next location. These last minor details can really determine whether you end up stressed or not. If you have a good photographer and beauty team, they’ve factored in cushion time as well, so all should fall into place.

Now, go get married and enjoy the fruits of your labor and live happily ever after!