Phlawless Skin or Photoshop?

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Trial runs can be an important part of deciding on your perfect wedding day look. A bride may be deciding between leaving her hair all down, a full up-do, or something in between.  Working with your stylist to find the most flattering style to shape your face, what’s going to hold all day and night and what makes you feel simply beautiful can be a lot of fun and so rewarding when you have that “OHMYGOSHYES” moment!  This is why I LOVE doing hair.  To me it’s easy.  If you don’t like the first style, great, no big deal.  Let’s take it out and try something else.  With hair, the only illusion out there are these girls with crazy long, thick hair.  This is a simple fix.  Clip in extensions can be found at your local beauty supply and are so easy to work with.

On the opposite end of that spectrum is makeup. Doing a search for “wedding makeup” can be fun and downright inspiring. The internet is flooded with gorgeous pictures of girls with “flawless” skin.  Let’s say you’ve finally found the makeup look that you are ready to try out. You bring it into your makeup artist and sit back, enjoy a little bit of pampering and anticipate the big reveal of the new, more flawless version of yourself.  Except you look in the mirror and feel a little bit of disappointment.  Sure, you love the makeup.  Your eyes look big and bright and you love the lip color, but your skin doesn’t look like the picture.  You can still see the peach fuzz on your face, the fine lines around your eyes and (GASP) PORES!!!  Check out these gorgeous ladies…that actually have fine lines, a couple freckles and NO PHOTOSHOPPING!!

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Guess what, ladies?  You’re human and so is your makeup artist.  We may be good at our job, but we don’t have magical powers.  Our makeup brushes aren’t wands that transform your “normal person” skin into “internet skin”.  These pictures that you find?  Lighting has been set up, filters have been added, editing has been done.


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When you have the expectation that  your skin is basically going to look fake after your makeup artist has worked his/her magic, it’s unrealistic.  Cut us a break and even more so, cut yourself a break and realize even though you may not be perfect, YOU’RE GORGEOUS!!!